Wash Care


Wash Care Reminder MK-1 / MK-1 ULTRA Structural Gloves: Though Hand Wash is recommended, if you use the gear extractor DO NOT use turnout gear detergent. Even if detergent says PH Neutral the chemical content will dry out the natural oils in the leather on any brand of gloves which reduces suppleness and longevity. Use Tide liquid or dish wash liqu...

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New Sizing For MK-1 & MK-1 Ultra

64N, 70N, 70W, 76N, 76W, 82N, 82W

(See Sizing Instructions & Diagraph Below)

The first number is the measurement of the Firefighter's index finger. The second part of the size, the letter, comes from the width of the Firefighter's hand across the knuckles. Please see the below diagraph chart from NFPA 1971-2018, Protective Ensembles for Structural Firefighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, for how to size the Firefighter's hand.


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MK-1 vs. BS!

MK-1 vs. BS! Below is a list of advertising claims from various structural glove manufacturers. I've been designing structural gloves for 15 years and have no clue what half of these claims even mean while the other half are complete nonsense.
Take the MK - Leave the BS!!
-Glove conforms and takes on unique hand signature of user after repeated use
-Lining Grips the Hand vs the Hand Trying to Grip a Soft & Cushy Lining!
-The Thermal Protection Zones offer 50% more protection than other barrier/thermal liner layups of equal or greater thickness
-Exceeds NFPA Requirements in All Categories
-Five separate curved form fitting forchettes for maximum finger dexterity
-Provides natural, anatomically correct thumb-to-finger movement

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MK-1 Texas Long Cuff Now Available

MK-1 Texas Long Cuff Now Available at Dingesfire.com

Cuff Spec:
Cuff extension length 16cm from glove body edge. Cuff opening width 29cm for size 76W (LG) and will vary up/down 6mm accordingly from size to size.

Cuff material 100% Nomex woven fabric lined with 100% cotton woven fabric 300gm/sq mtr weight with flame resistant finish. Nomex belt with metal clip for tightening cuff; 5mm wide reflective tape across cuff where it meets glove body.


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SQUAD-1 Extrication Gloves

SQUAD-1 Extrication Gloves: Inexpensive nylon (aka cordura) vs. legendary Kevlar. SQUAD-1 is the only Extrication/Rescue Glove fully lined with 100% Kevlar - which means Less Bulk with more flexibility + flame resistance - and featuring a Kangaroo skin palm for easily the best grip wet or dry. Better Glove = Better Performance!


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Battle Tested & Still Strong

MK-1 Original Prototype still being worn by this burn instructor since 2016. Discolored green Kevlar indicates severe thermal exposure.


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Beware of the Brush-off

Vanguard Safety Wear Gloves - Beware of the Brush-off. Had two recent situations where departments were mislead by their existing PPE salesperson stating incorrectly that they could not offer VSW gloves. Were they being lazy, misinformed, politicized? Don't know the answer but if you are literally risking life and limb you damn well should have the opportunity to evaluate any PPE of your choice. Check our web-site for distributor list or send us a message to get in touch. You do the Work, you call the Shots!

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MK-1 Glove YouTube Review


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NFPA compliant VSW Proximity Gloves


This month we also introduce our NFPA compliant VSW Proximity Gloves with a promotional price kick-off. 

View our vendor page for a listing of distributors servicing your areas for purchase information.

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3rd Anniversary of Vanguard Guard Safety Wear

vanguard 3rd anniversary

April, 2020 marks the 3rd anniversary of Vanguard Safety Wear debut. We now have over 60 distributors in North America!  
Protection Performance Durability have been verified and validated in the field.
Thanks to our loyal customers for their business and support. Truly our privilege to serve the first responders of North America.

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NEW: MK-1 Cadet Sizing 1/2" Shorter Finger Lengths

MK-1 Sizing

MK-1 Cadet sizing now available with 1/2" shorter finger lengths.  Accommodates users with thick/bulky hand and fingers. SM-XXXL 

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