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MK-1 vs. BS!

MK-1 vs. BS! Below is a list of advertising claims from various structural glove manufacturers. I've been designing structural gloves for 15 years and have no clue what half of these claims even mean while the other half are complete nonsense.
Take the MK - Leave the BS!!
-Glove conforms and takes on unique hand signature of user after repeated use
-Lining Grips the Hand vs the Hand Trying to Grip a Soft & Cushy Lining!
-The Thermal Protection Zones offer 50% more protection than other barrier/thermal liner layups of equal or greater thickness
-Exceeds NFPA Requirements in All Categories
-Five separate curved form fitting forchettes for maximum finger dexterity
-Provides natural, anatomically correct thumb-to-finger movement

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Friday, 12 April 2024