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The one Year Mark

The 1 Year Mark:    As we begin our second year at Vanguard Safety Wear we celebrate significant success and prepare for continuing challenges.

We developed MK-1 Structural Gloves to support the work you do.  They are now well proven in the field for safety, durability and arguably best overall performance considering key functions of flexibility, grip, dexterity, tactility, durability.  

Only through true design innovations can all of this be achieved without the performance sacrifices that every other glove falls victim to.

MK-1 unique sculpted finger tip design essentially guarantees improved tactility. 

Unprecedented 5 layers of soft knit Kevlar allows superb flexibility/dexterity with extremely fast break-in that stays soft.  No reliance on any individual thick or stiff layer.

Multi-layer Kevlar protection and durability enhanced with reinforced thumb crotch.

Bonded and sewn in finger tips assures liner retention

Unmatched intricate sewing all around provides the most functional tailored fit.

We tout MK-1 based on these real design innovations that provide true performance results rather than contrived flashy advertising bullet points or other important sounding technical features with no basis in reality regarding glove performance - and your performance - in the field. 

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Thursday, 02 April 2020